Please help. Please read everything. This is awful. All of my accounts, business and personal, and my devices are compromised by abusive family members and former associations, Gordy Hoffman, members of BlueCat Screenplay Competition and affiliations of, and others. Some of the same people did this years ago to keep my first novel from becoming public, to steal my work, to keep me from making any money, to devalue me, to lie and to limit my content, to change and to make up view numbers, to play constant mind games, constant psychological and emotional abuse, and to keep me under financial abuse and continue to do so along with others. For years, the money has never made it to me. They took it. These people should be fired and should have nothing to do with me or my accounts. An organization of abusive psychopaths has corrupted my life, the place where I live, and is stalking me everywhere I go including by helicopter. It is a narcissistic, raging, psychotic, abusive organization that has made my life a living hell. These people are not friends. They're not good people. They are demonic. They are abusive psychopaths and part of a sick cult. There's no love there. One cannot have compassion for them; they are not like normal people. Don't be one of their flying monkeys. Get out of my life. All of you. I want nothing to do with any of you. This abuse needs to stop, and your lies, corruption, and injustice need to end. I am currently at the Vedanta Temple in Hollywood, 6317 Vedanta Terrace Los Angeles, CA and have experienced psychotic abuse here as well. I'd go to the police, but police are involved. I have nowhere else to go. This is sick. This is a nightmare. Anyone looking for a good wife? Please get me out of this hell. This is the stress I am under, and it's awful. Please help. This is horrible. I am a good person. I don't deserve this. I deserve to be in a nice environment. I don't want to be in toxic environments anymore or ever again, and I never did. I need a supportive, loving environment, and I deserve that. I am intelligent, kind, loving, talented, a good cook and a good baker, a writer, an author, a novelist, a screenwriter, a model, a designer, an entrepreneur, and an artist. I love animals. I love to dance. I am writing a new novel. I like jazz and classical music. I am clean, neat, and organized. I am all these wonderful things and more, and all they want to do is destroy it. I am not abusive, crazy, or a drug addict. I am a great woman. Can a real man step up and help me please? I need my actual soulmate. This is who I am and what has happened, and I need help. Please god somebody help. I don't deserve to starve, to be poor, or to be abused you evil, sadistic bastards. There is no excuse for abuse or for your godawful treatment of me and of others. I don't have time for your imagined offenses. In the end, all I did was reveal what you really are. What I have been able to accomplish has been with little to no money and under constant abuse, stress, hovering, and stalking. I don't deserve this. I deserve a good home, a good life, and a good man. I deserve love. I want to meet new people who are nothing like these people, who actually care about me, who love and exhibit normal behavior, who are not a part of this and will have absolutely nothing to do with it, and who are actually like me not like them. They devalued me. I am not perfect, but there is nothing wrong with me or who I am. Please, there has to be someone on my wavelength. These abusers are not human. The world is a better place without them. They don't stop. It's the same abusive behavior over and over again. They're all the same. Please get me out of this hell. I am in debt and near broke. I need donations and sales and for them actually to come through to me, into my bank account, and for them to reach me not appear to do so. I have no one I can go to. I am in need of getting these psychopaths out of my life and in need of getting out of this and out of here. I've exposed a bunch of narcissistic, abusive psychopaths, drug addicts, rapists, murderers, and child molesters, and they are taking it out on me. They don't want me to come out into the world because they don't want people to know the truth about what they've done. This is horrible, and I don't know what to do. I want to be able to live and be myself without being harassed and abused, without being poor and starving, and without living with, next to, or near abusive, insane, toxic, drug-addicted people. I want love, healthy relationships, and healthy people. If you're out there, please help me. I am in need of healthy, actual support. I'm tired of fighting for my life and what I stand for by myself. Please help. Get me out of this. I don't belong here. Help. Please god somebody hear me and get me out of here and out of this mess. I am ready for somebody to help me and for this web of lies, liars, and hell to be over. This whole sick, twisted, behind-the-scenes thing needs to end. All of it. Someone other than me tell the truth, the whole truth, and the actual truth. I want the truth. I don't want to be their target for torture anymore. I never wanted this or deserved this, my god. Please somebody get me out of here and out of this hell. They thought they could hide and get away with their illegal and immoral activity forever. They were counting on abusing me so badly so that I would kill myself. That was their brilliant plan, but I am not doing that. They should not be in control. They locked me out of my facebook account. They made it so I never had internet on my phone. They closed the blue line metro stations. They want to spread lies and abuse. I want to spread love and peace. Who I am and what I stand for is wonderful. If they have a problem with it, then they must stand for something else. I'm not sorry being me is an offense to them. I am light, love, and peace. What are they? Who wants to help me put an end to this? I need somebody to sponsor me or something. I can't keep going like this, and I can't do anything, be anything or anybody else. Get us out of here. (I have a cat named Scotty.) Please rescue us. Please. Please get us out of here and out of this godawful network of psychotic abusers. Basically, to the degree I've loved, they've abused, and I have really loved. Please someone who is as disgusted with this as I am and who also sees that these people are ill and disturbed, please get us out of here and out of this. Thank you.